Join us in an offering of this very interactive accredited training always with an experienced, certified and accredited trainer

Join us in an offering of this very interactive accredited training always with an experienced, certified and accredited trainer

NEXT Training for 2024!

July 22-25, 2024

Daily 8:30am - 4:30pm (EST)

Early Bird Deadline July 7, 2024

Fee Structure (per person)

Regular price - 1599USD

Groups of 3 or more from an organisation - 10% Discount

Early Bird - 10% Discount (applied after group discount where applicable)

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STEP 2: An invoice with appropriate charges and discounts will be sent to you within 24hours.

STEP 3: Make payment on or before the stated pay by date on invoice using one of the payment methods provided.

STEP 4: Receive an email 1 week before course begins with LMS login, Exam ticket, Book download information. 

Course Description and Outcomes

This course prepares participants (who already have experience with software development) with the knowledge and skills required to design and document software architectures based on sufficiently detailed requirements specification for small and medium-sized systems. Participants will be equipped with analysis and design methods and tools that allows them to make problem specific design decisions based on previously aquired experience. 

The course is divided into 5 main modules. The modules are as follows:

Fundamentals of software architecture: Definition, importance, drivers and the the roles and tasks of the software architect

The Systematic Design and Devlopment of Software Architecture: includes concepts such as architecture and design principles, patterns and archtectural tactics

Software Architectural documentation including when, how and how much to document based on project needs and context and communication of ideas to various stakeholders

Software architecture and quality requirements - achieving quality requirements through architectural design and the evaluation of architectures for quality requirements

Examples of a range of software architectures - evaluating these based on requirements and design principles

Course Features

Our CPSA-F training program is uniquely designed to not only be highly interactive, but to offer the student several resources that will keep them focused, engaged and organised during the learning experience and to help them prepare for the examination. These features are listed below:

Case studies and examples

Interactive group exercises with expert feedback

A copy of the Textbook, Software Architecture Foundation - CPSA-F Exam Preparation by Gernot Starke and Alexander Lorz

Practice exam type questions with explanation for each module

Mock Exam at end of the course with discussions and clarifications on each question

Discounted Exam Ticket included so that students are able to do the exam at their convenience

Whether in an online or face to face offering we use a well organised LMS to keep all class resources and activities organised and easy to access and interact with.

While most persons may be interested in the certification exam - if you are interested only in the training please indicate this on the registration form and your fee will be adjusted accordingly. Everyone who attends all the classes and partcipates in activities will receive a certificate of completion from CALLEN Software. Only those who sit and pass the exam with an accredited certification body will receive the designation CPSA-F and an official iSAQB certificate.

We partner with Brightest in ensuring the highest standard for your examination.