Recommended Software Architecture Resources

At CALLEN Software we love learning and we are always doing a course or reading a new book trying to learn new skills that can applied to projects that come along. This page will be used to continuously share resources such as courses, websites and books that we have tried and love! Please note that many of the books will have amazon affiliate links and we earn a comission from them. Others may be free (we will include lots of free stuff) or resources available from other organisations or publishers such as Oreilly or Pearson Education.

Books on Amazon

Software Architecture Foundation by Starke and Lorz is a great help for those preparing for the CPSA-F Certification. I read it and I must say the authors went through a lot to ensure that the book really helps you to focus on how to prepare for the exam. Effort is made to ensure that you are able to see how the different sections of the book map to the iSAQB CPSA-F curriculum. The authors Gernot and Alexander have many years of experience in training persons for the exam and also are members of the iSAQB. By the way, we provide a copy of this book to everyone registered with CALLEN Software for CPSA-F Training. 

Software Architecture fundamentals written by Gharbi, Koschel and Rausch is a very thorough CPSA-F and general software architecture resource. This is resource is a great software architecture resource for any practicing architect. It covers a wide range of topics and exposes the reader to the topics in the CPSA-F Curriculum in a manner that ensures deep understanding of each topic. I really love this book and consider it a great resource to keep handy. 

Software Architecture in Practice is one of my favourite resources for understanding the foundations of software architecture and the mindset and tools necessary for software architects especially those working on large complex systems where quality is important. It also makes a superb textbook for undergraduate of postgraduate software architecture courses.

It is a technology agnostic resource (which is something I welcome) and gives a really broad yet deep view of software architecture fundamentals, quality attributes, architecturally significant requirements and tools for understanding, identifying and prioritising them. The book does one superb thing for a person like me who really likes systematic ways of thinking about work to be done. It exposes you to well defined tested and proven methods, tools and strategies for architecture analysis and design, documentation and evaluation...

This yet another great read, and a part of the software Engineering Institute's series in Software Engineering. I don't know about anyone else but when I started out wth an interest in software architecture, I was not quite clear on how people did software architecture. I was in the process of reading an architecture text and was struggling to connect all the dots. After some google searches I came upon this book. This book helped me alot by clarifying the Attribute Driven Design process and giving several case studies which featured a range of different kinds of projects. I would definitely recommend this book in terms of examples of real projects and how a systematic design approach such as ADD 3.0 can be applied to real projects!! ...Claudine Allen, Founder CALLEN Software Consulting and Training